Client Testimonials

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"I am privileged to have been a patient with Garric in South Africa. My name is Leigh-Ann and I have had a blessed athletic life! I started dancing at the age of 4 and competed professionally as an acrobat and gymnast. I took to running and this grew and in 2007 I ran my first ultra marathon called the Comrades Marathon in a time of 10hours and 11minutes! read more


"While playing football at a professional level my body was in a constant need of medical attention. I suffered from horrible, lower back, hip and abdominal pain - many experts tried to help me but no treatment methods helped until I met Garric, who substituted a rigid diagnostic process not used by others with a very personal, Sports Functional medicine and open-minded approach. Using the least amount of gadgets and fancy terminology, Garric not only identified my physical ailments but ensured that my body, as a whole, became stronger and healthier by fixing the root causes of my ailments. Sports Functional medicine coupled with my sporting goals is a way of life for me now and Garric has ensured that I have the perfect vessel to carry me through my journey..." -Dylan Correira Miguel



"I initially met Garric about 8 years ago whilst working on my rehabilitation after hip surgery. As an athlete I was determined to be back in action as soon as possible. Garric was exceptional in facilitating my healing process and training, also teaching me about the importance of nutritional well-being to enhance performance and recovery.

With Garric’s input and advise I have gained insight into my body and what it needs to perform at its best - Working with information from genetic and other blood tests and matching this with Garric’s extensive knowledge in the field of Sports Functional medicine. Garric’s knowledge, interest and passion in the field of Sports Functional Medicine is exceptional!" -Kim Koetsier



"I am fortunate to have known Garric for over eight years where he has been a training partner, practitioner and friend. Garric's understanding of training intensity, frequency plus the extensive genetic and blood tests ensured a holistic understanding of any deficiencies or weaknesses in my body and what was needed to enhance my performance. Garric is excellent in diagnosing a problem or injury and thereafter treating and remedying it right down to the root cause of the problem like no one I have ever met. Garric is highly professional and respected, I would certainly recommend working with him in your journey of sporting success." -Adrian Budd


"As a relatively new triathlete representing my country, I found the need for some competitive edge that would assist me in quicker recovery and reduction in injury. A friend of mine introduced me to Garric and he quickly set me on track to become the best athlete I could be. My performance has improved and my occurrence of injuries has reduced to basically zero. I am now qualifying for Worlds 70.3 Ironman for the 3rd year in a row. I can highly recommend a personalised program using The Ultra Athlete Program for lifting your performance and cutting out all the irritating parts that go with hard training and competition. Garric is the only person I know with such a skill set and I can highly recommend him." -Kevin Hutcheon



"I am 55 years young and have known Garric for more than 15 years. My cycling performance has gone from strength to strength over the years with the careful guidance of Garric's knowledge in Sport Functional Medicine. I am able to compete with guys half my age, at a very high cycling level. My recovery time from training is amazing and if I ever pick up an injury it disappears unbelievably quickly. My personalised program, that Garric has carefully developed, based around my genetics, blood tests and everything else he does, has been one of the finest opportunities to keep me at my ultimate best, at the sport that I love." -Trevor Quigley